v1.7 8/19/2017

  1. Support ACPI 6.1.
  2. Support Intel Apollo Lake smbus.

v1.6.9 7/2/2016

  1. Support ASL external 0x15 opcode (ACPI 6.0).
  2. New command line parameter: LogAppend, LogDate and LogTime.
  3. New MMIO function.

v1.6.8.4 3/15/2016

  1. Fix MSR bit edit function.
  2. Fix command line console redirection.

v1.6.8.3 3/6/2016

  1. Fix ACPI ASF table decode issue.
  2. Improve MSR function: separate MTRR and user define registers.
  3. Support skylake DDR4 SPD.

v1.6.8.1 8/21/2015

  1. Fix XP API entry not found issue.
  2. Fix SMBIOS version control issue.
  3. Minor bug fixed.

v1.6.8 8/6/2015

  1. Modify MSR function to support more than 64 processors (processor group).
  2. Add apply to all CPUs option in MSR edit function.

v1.6.7 12/19/2014

  1. Fixed ACPI FDPT decode issue.
  2. Support Win PE environment.
  3. Support SPD write function.

v1.6.6.1 9/30/2014

  1. Improve ACPI decode function.
  2. Add /NoLogo parameter.
  3. Support X99 chipset DDR4 SPD.
  4. Fix CPU MSR write function.
  5. Minor bug fixed.

v1.6.5.9 1/6/2014

  1. Improve ACPI decode function.
  2. Fix XP 32bit missing API error.

v1.6.5 10/25/2013

  1. Improve ACPI table searching method.
  2. Change IO space access length according to the display width (byte/word/dword).
  3. Support BayTrail smbus controller.
  4. Support unpartitioned disk read/write.
  5. Improve start up speed.

v1.6.4 05/29/2013

  1. Monitor USB device change event to update USB info.
  2. Add SMBIOS command script.
  3. Fix help file cannot be opened issue.
  4. Fix native 64bit exception issue.
  5. Fix command line script issue.
  6. Fix CPUID command.
  7. Change CPU speed to bus speed.
  8. Add PCIE base detect option.

v1.6 05/07/2013

  1. Support native 64bit.
  2. Add USB 3.0 speed (super speed) info.
  3. Fix SPD DIMM menu shift issue.
  4. Give warning if trying to over write saved file.
  5. Minor improvement and bug fix.

v1.5.3.7 11/01/2012

  1. Fix ACPI function short-cut key issue.
  2. Fix SMBios structure type 14.
  3. Fix USB info device description.
  4. Re-support E820, PCITree, PCIRes command.

v1.5.3.1 09/10/2012

  1. Fix WRMSR command error.

v1.5.3 06/09/2012

  1. Fix ACPI DMAR table.
  2. Fix option rom save to file function.
  3. Save all last open windows for auto start on next launch.
  4. Add ACPI FPDT table support.
  5. Improve cout and setenv command.

v1.5.2 01/09/2012

  1. Display both DSDT and XSDT if found.
  2. Speed up ACPI decoding.
  3. Improve serial port code for remote access.
  4. Improve E820 function.
  5. SMBIOS structure bug fixed.
  6. Improve remote access code.
  7. Modify disk access function.
  8. Fix interpreter bugs.
  9. Add access width control.
  10. Fix SMBios bugs.
  11. Fix ACPI decode issues.

v1.5.1 08/11/2011

  1. Decode ACPI XSDT if exists.
  2. Add PCITREE, PCIRES command script.
  3. Add Intel Ivy bridge smbus controller for DIMM SPD information.
  4. Fix: driver can’t reload if program exit abnormally.
  5. Improve help file context display code.
  6. Improve disk read/write function.
  7. Fix unsetenv command.
  8. Support AMD DRAM DCT0/1 direct access.
  9. Improve SPD XMP decode.
  10. Improve E820 function.

v1.5 04/14/2011

  1. New script command: BSWAP – changes byte order from big endian to little endian or vice versa.
  2. Support AMD AM3r2 CPU PCI extended registers.
  3. Modify remote access for UEFI.
  4. Fix debug mode cannot generate AcpiTbls.bin issue.
  5. Update rw.ini to registry if rw.ini is read only.
  6. Check CPU ID for user define MSR registers.
  7. Display ACPI tables even decode error.
  8. Support /Stdout and /Stderr command line option for console output.
  9. Support direct command with /Command parameter.
  10. Support portable version.
  11. New command script: Setenv, Unsetenv, Cout and Cerr.
  12. Support binary prefix 0b for binary input.
  13. Super IO Chip and SMBus Controller can be selected from Specific menu.
  14. Add PCI Device Tree information.
  15. Add PCI resource summary information.
  16. Fix Nuvoton NCT6776F detection issue.
  17. Add EDID function.
  18. Add E820 function.

v1.4.9 02/11/2011

  1. Improve ACPI and SMBIOS search routine for UEFI system.
  2. Improve AHCI mode HD/CD function.
  3. Display execution details for command group.
  4. New command script: ACPI, Disk.
  5. New disk read/write function.
  6. Add decode SPD binary file.
  7. Fix 64bit memory save file dialog issue.
  8. Fix smbus command script function.
  9. Fix W627 SIO GPIO info.
  10. Support /Min command line option.
  11. Support Nuvoton NCT5577D/NCT5573D.
  12. Modify unknown Super IO LDN detect routine.

v1.4.8.5 10/19/2010

  1. Support SMBIOS specification 2.7.
  2. Fix CPU MSR function: Check MTRRCAP before accessing MTRR registers.
  3. Support Nuvoton NCT6776F super I/O.
  4. Fix USB descriptor for HID device.
  5. Support ITE IT8502E super I/O.
  6. Support VIA VX900 chipset SMBus function.
  7. Update Intel PCH chipset SMBus detection code.
  8. Support Embedded Controller (EC) command script.
  9. Display SATA interface speed in HD/CD function.
  10. Fix AHCI mode HD/CD function.
  11. Support accessing memory above 4GB on 64bit OS.
  12. Support ACPI and SMBIOS table on UEFI system.
  13. Decode saved .rw ACPI table file.

v1.4.7 01/25/2010

  1. Fix SMBIOS type 7 cache size information.
  2. Fix ACPI SLIT table information.
  3. Add ACPI MSCT table information.

v1.4.6 01/07/2010

  1. Search EBDA area for ACPI RSDP table.

v1.4.5 01/06/2010

  1. Fix AML size checking method.
  2. Fix XMP SPD QPI Voltage information.
  3. Improve class structures.

v1.4 09/01/2009

  1. Fix GPIO base routines.
  2. Improve driver for accessing ATA/ATAPI identify data.
  3. Display PnP BIOS header in option ROM function.
  4. Support Nuvoton NCT6771 super I/O.
  5. Improve ASL decoder: Remove root char before adding to name space.
  6. Fix ASL decoder: CondRefOf accepts SuperName object as first argument only.
  7. ACPI function: Fix routine for searching SSDT extended table.

v1.3 06/09/2009

  1. Fix ACPI AML decoder: User method with parent prefix character may get error.
  2. Support ITE8720 super I/O.
  3. Modify the bottom of PCIE base address for detection routine.
  4. New Commands: RSIO, RSIO16, RSIO32, WSIO, WSIO16, WSIO32.
  5. New Commands: SIO interface for Save/Load.

v1.2 04/14/2009

  1. Fix PCI option ROM info: PCI Data Structure.
  2. Fix Memory save as binary function.
  3. Memory function improve: Alt,Ctrl or Shift + PageUp/PageDown to adjust address offset 0x1000, 0x10000, 0x100000 respectively.
  4. Fix: Display “Information file format error.” message when user select “Cancel” on load information file button.
  5. Support XMP version 1.2 in DIMM SPD function.
  6. Support Intel PCH chipset SMBus function.

v1.1 03/02/2009

  1. Add Intel SCH SMBus support.
  2. Support Windows 7.
  3. Check DIMM type before using the SPD data.
  4. Fix USB information function.
  5. Add SIO Winbond W83627DHG support.

v1.0 01/21/2009

  1. Fix command line “Logfile” option.
  2. Fix: Some SMBIOS structures may get wrong displayed.
  3. Fix: Some platforms may get error when program start.
  4. Fix SMBIOS save function: Remove redundant entry.
  5. Add SMBus command, also in Save/Load function.
  6. Fix CPU MSR save function.
  7. Fix Intel ICH GPIO summary.
  8. Add Super IO Winbond W83667HG-A support.
  9. Fix Super IO GPIO5 info display for Winbond W83627EHF and W83667HG.

v0.36 12/05/2008

  1. Fix SMBus device write byte/block mode always start from index zero issue.
  2. Fix refresh rate setting.
  3. Fix: Status bar info incorrect in compare mode.
  4. Improve command interpreter: Add SAVE/LOAD command, remove RMTF/WMFF command.
  5. Do not detect PCIE base under address 0xD0000000.
  6. Fix: Cannot write CPU MSR register on single core CPU.

v0.35 10/06/2008

  1. Update PCIE base address detection routine for 32MB alignment support.
  2. Display nVidia GPIO info in PCI summary screen.
  3. Super IO issue fixed: Switch LDN back after displaying Win627/Win667 info.
  4. AML decode issue fixed: Dropping too much tailing underscore for name object.
  5. Display Verb table of HD audio device in the summary screen.
  6. AML decode improvement: use ToUUID macro for Buffer(0x10) in method _OSC and _DSM.
  7. AML decode fixed: Wrong TermObject and TargetObject for ToBufferOp.
  8. Use performance counter to calculate AMD CPU speed.
  9. Fix PCI save all function for PCIE devices on the system without PCIE MMIO support.
  10. Improve the status bar information for SMBus function.

v0.34 08/01/2008

  1. Improve command interpreter: Add DMEM and FMEM function, modify FPCI and FPCIClass function.
  2. Add Super IO Winbond W83667HG.
  3. Fix: OpenHCI 1394 GUID may get wrong display.
  4. Fix: CPU MSR register function may get “Error to switch CPU” error message.
  5. Fix: CPU speed may be wrong on AMD black edition Phenom CPU.
  6. Follow the display size (Byte, Word or Dword) to access memory.

v0.33 07/07/2008

  1. Improve PCIE memory base detection routine.
  2. Add ACPI WHEA tables: ERST, BERT, HEST and EINJ.
  3. Display binary data in option ROM function.
  4. Display Intel ICH GPIO information in PCI function.
  5. Update DIMM SPD function for EPP memory.
  6. Improve ACPI SPCR table.
  7. Improve memory function: support “Load binary” from file.
  8. New Command: RMTF (Read Memory To File) and WMFF (Write Memory From File).

v0.32 05/12/2008

  1. Fix ACPI save all function.
  2. Fix PCI extended registers compare function.

v0.31 03/28/2008

  1. Fix PCI Index/Data write function.
  2. Improve Bit Edit function.
  3. Improve CPU MSR function.
  4. Add file decode into DIMM SPD function.
  5. Fix DIMM SPD’s summary information.
  6. Fix the write function on AMD CPU additional register.

v0.30 03/03/2008

  1. Add EPP and XMP details in the summary of DIMM SPD function.
  2. Update PCI vendor name list and correct some wording mistake.
  3. Support ICH10 Smbus controller.
  4. Add Bit Edit function, double click on the grid window or use popup menu to open it.

v0.29 02/25/2008

  1. Increase the COM port thread receive buffer for remote access function.
  2. Fix the MSR list count from initial file.
  3. Improve the CPU speed detect routine for AMD CPU.
  4. Save the setting when receiving query end session message.
  5. Fix AMD unlock Phenom CPU displaying “Floating point overflow” error message when using MSR function.
  6. Add “RDTSC”, “RDPMC”, “RDCR”, “WRCR” support in Command function.
  7. Modify XP, 2K driver to improve IO port access.

v0.28 12/18/2007

  1. Improve CPU Speed detection code.
  2. Fix AHCI port detection code.
  3. Add DDR3 timing information.
  4. Add Winbond W83627DHG support.
  5. Add manifest control file.

v0.27 09/26/2007

  1. Fix: ACPI SLIC OEM Table ID decode may get error message.
  2. Add SMBus controller: nVidia MCP77/MCP78 (Modify algorithm to support MCPxx).
  3. Improve Command Interpreter: Add FpciClass (Find PCI Class) and RwExit command.
  4. Add Command Line Support: “/Command=” and /LogFile=”.

v0.26 08/03/2007

  1. Improve ACPI decode: User method name with root prefix does not log in namespace.
  2. Fix ACPI treeview search function issue: First search need to click two times.
  3. Add information screen in ATA/ATAPI identify data function.
  4. Add summary for SuperIO Winbond W83627EHF/EHG
  5. Add AMD SB700 southbridge SMBus support.
  6. Fix RW cannot run on Win98 issue. (after v0.20)
  7. Modify INI file access routines to improve memory usage.
  8. Switch system back to normal mode after uninstall from Vista64.
  9. Display Bank x Row x Column information in DIMM SPD function.
  10. Support AMD AM2/AM2+ DRAM controller additional registers in specific PCI Index/Data menu.

v0.25 06/23/2007

  1. Fix memory allocation and deallocation routines.
  2. Display MAC address information for Ethernet devices.
  3. Improve ACPI name space search function.
  4. Increase the input buffer size to improve remote COM port debug function.
  5. Add Winbond W83L517G, W83627UHG Super IO support.
  6. Add ITE IT8726F, IT8510E, IT8511E, IT8512E Super IO support.
  7. Add Fintek F71805F/FG, F71862, F71882/F71883 Super IO support.
  8. Fix SMBus: Load saved data file will blank out SMBus device.
  9. Improve PCI: Support AMD AM2+ PCI extended configuration space.
  10. Fix ACPI “Save all” function does not work issue.
  11. Improve ACPI: Decode tables and AML codes from input file.
  12. Add SMBus controller: nVidia MCP73.

v0.24 05/15/2007

  1. Improve DIMM SPD function: Modify Jedec ID reading method to report DIMM vendor in summary window.
  2. Improve PCI function: Display GUID in summary window if device is IEEE OpenHCI 1394.
  3. Add MP Configuration table.

v0.23 03/05/2007

  1. Improve ACPI: Validate structure size for ACPI SLIC, APIC, SRAS and DMAR tables.
  2. Improve ACPI: Add switch in RW.INI to control ACPI tables decoding.
  3. Improve ATA/ATAPI: Add AHCI command support.
  4. Fix: Double click at data grid window causes exception error.
  5. Add hint message on SMBus address input box: “Format: Bit[7:1] = Address + Bit[0] = 0”.
  6. Modify all Save to file function, add summary information if present.
  7. Fix: PCI device Information file does not load sometimes.
  8. Fix: Write function may fail after switching the display mode to Word or Dword.
  9. Add SMBus Word protocol support.
  10. Rewrite remote access routines to support serial port connection.
  11. Display DIMM vendor information.
  12. Add PCI option ROM information.

v0.22 01/16/2007

  1. Improve LPT remote connection: Add switch to disable SMBus by default, it takes too long to link to remote.
  2. Modify INI file reading routine, ignore SIO= and SMBUS= sections.
  3. Improve: Try to use Vendor default access method for Super IO if it is not detected.
  4. Remove Website1.
  5. Use ShellExecute function call to open Website instead of calling IE.
  6. Fix ACPI SRAT table decode issue.
  7. Add ERST, DMAR ACPI table decode.
  8. Fix: PIO mode of IDE info. incorrect if it is not mode 4.
  9. Improve AML decode: Search the input file for valid AML header before decoding.
  10. Add ICH9 SMBus support.
  11. Initial some critical items to default value after reading RW.INI to prevent exception at second run.
  12. Rewrite ACPI APIC table to support new APIC structures.
  13. Support unknown structure type for ACPI SLIC, APIC, SRAS and DMAR tables.
  14. Fix USB info: Endpoint descriptor Transfer Type always displayed as “Interrupt”.
  15. Rewrite ATA/ATAPI function to support IDE, RAID and AHCI controller.
  16. Add CPU Clock info. in CPU MSR function.

v0.21 11/08/2006

  1. Add Twr, Twtr and Trtp timing into DIMM SPD information screen.
  2. Add ACPI table decode support: SLIC (Software Licensing Description Table).
  3. Fix: Double click on PCI BARs does not invoke memory or IO space function. (issue happen after v0.19)
  4. Fix: Info. displayed in ACPI RSDP Revision field is incorrect if the revision > 1.0.
  5. Fix: Refresh timer setting info display, 1ms, 2ms…should be 10ms, 20ms…
  6. Fix: ACPI decode error on some user term of method op.
  7. Support Vista 64: need to “Run as administrator”, need to restart OS once after install.
  8. Support nVidia MCP67/MCP68 SMBus controllers.

v0.20 10/19/2006

  1. Add SiS966 and SiS968 smbus entry in INI file.
  2. Improve: Scan PCI bus number up to 0xFF.

v0.19 09/15/2006

  1. Fix mouse wheel will scroll two pages in one click in memory access function.
  2. Force user to close the “string not found” dialogue of memory search function before continue.
  3. Move CPU MSR registers define to RW.INI, so that MSR function can display more registers if needed.
  4. Add SIO chipset support: ITE IT8718F.
  5. ACPI AML decode improvement: Repair bad character in name.
  6. ACPI AML decode improvement: Check package length for overflow.

v0.18 08/03/2006

  1. Add subsystem ID of P2P bridge display in PCI summary window.
  2. Unload driver when program exit to prevent conflict with other program running at full screen DOS prompt (RU).
  3. Hide refresh button if the function (SPD, ClockGen and SMBus) does not support it.
  4. Set maximum PCI bus number to 0xF0 for scanning.

v0.17 07/25/2006

  1. Add nVidia MCP65 SMBUS support.
  2. Fix: IO Index/Data port is incorrect in some case when RW restart.
  3. Fix: Miss “Return” character to separate tables in the file saved by “save all” of ACPI function.

v0.16 05/09/2006

  1. ACPI AML decode bug fix: Decode error if ExtOpPrefix follows Store Op code.
  2. Fix ACPI HPET table information.
  3. Improvement AML decode: Change field bit offset to “Offset” macro.
  4. Add SMBIOS structures function.
  5. Modify the code for avoiding multiple instances of RW.

v0.15 01/06/2006

  1. Modify the Interpreter “Delay” command to fix SMBus function hang on some systems.
  2. Modify RW.INI to support ICH7/ICH8 SMBus function.
  3. Add SIO chipset support: FinTek F71872, ITE IT8716F.
  4. Add ULI1575 SMBus support.
  5. Fix: DDRII DIMM size report is incorrect if its size is more than 2GB.
  6. Modify driver to support AMD K8 MSR register read/write.
  7. Modify USB function: add HUB descriptor, Device Qualifier descriptor, Other Speed descriptors.
  8. Support SMBus function on chipset: nVidia MCP55, MCP61 and ATi SB600.
  9. Add more website links: Website2: Website3:
  10. Provide End Address input for memory save as binary function.
  11. Support SMBus controller with more than one IO base address (nVidia chipset).


v0.14 11/16/2005

  1. Add PCIEMMIOonPCI in RW.INI to control access behavior on PCIE system: for PCI device: if =1, access the dvice through MMIO; if =0, access the device through IO.
  2. Add PCIIOonPCIE in RW.INI to control access behavior on PCIE system: for PCIE device: if =1, access the device through IO if index is below 0x100; if =0, access the device through MMIO.
  3. PCI function bug fixed: unable to write PCIE configuration space if the offset is above 0x100.
  4. ACPI AML decode bug fixed: If any user term method name also used as name string in different scope, decode will treat all name string as method term, so that AML decoding may get unpredictable result.
  5. ACPI AML decode bug fixed: If \_OSI follow by string, it should be treated as control method with one argument.
  6. Optimize USB information subfunction: use tree view with object instead of string list.
  7. ACPI AML decode bug fixed: Decode “Package” may get error if the data type followed is too complicated.
  8. ACPI AML decode bug fixed: Remove the duplicated “ThermalZone” under _TZ scope.
  9. ACPI function fixed: Find text function may get violation error.
  10. Modify DIMM SPD function: Add [DIMMSPD] section in RW.INI to declare number of DIMM slot and their address, auto detect memory slot when function start.
  11. DIMM SPD function bug fixed: Cycle Time and Single/Double side information are incorrect in summary window for DDRII memory.
  12. Add PCI Index/Data function.
  13. Modify IO space function to support ACPI Power management IO space: skip reading offset 0x14 to 0x17.
  14. Add Embedded Controller function: read/write EC RAM.
  15. Add ACPI table decode support: TCPA, SPMI, CPEP, SLIT and SRAT.
  16. Add Popup menu in PCI function: Rescan PCI Bus, Open IO Space, Open Memory Space, Open PCI Index/Data.
  17. Modify XP and 64bit XP memory access driver (do not use HAL function call).
  18. Handle mouse wheel up/down and keyboard PageUp/PageDown events in memory access function.
  19. Add eRPCI, eRPCI16, eRPCI32, eWPCI, eWPCI16, eWPCI32, eRPCIE, eRPCIE16, eRPCIE32, eWPCIE, eWPCIE16 and eWPCIE32 to command Interpreter function.
  20. Fix ITE Super I/O cannot be detected issue, the detect routine in RW.INI is incorrect.
  21. Super I/O function bug fixed: If no Super I/O chip is detected by RW, clicking the “Cancel” button in Index/Data input dialogue will get memory violation error.
  22. Memory function bug fixed: Find ASCII string is incorrect if there is special character within the string.
  23. Add Memory Index/Data function.
  24. Modify ACPI function: Remove “Save AML” button, add “Save as binary” and “Save all as binary” button for all tables. Not only for DSDT, now decode AML to ASL function support SSDT also.
  25. Add “PCI Index/Data” and “Memory Index/Data” to specific menu, defined in RW.INI.
  26. Modify the “save to file” function of CPU MSR function: Save the data to normal text file, (with 0x0D, 0x0A at the end of line).
  27. Modify RW.INI to support VIA VT8237A SMBus function.
  28. PCI Function bug fixed: Interrupt Line information will display as “none” if the IRQ# is larger than 23.
  29. Display namespace tree for ACPI ASL code, perform the find text function when user click the namespace.

v0.13 10/03/2005

  1. Modify RW.INI PCI Vender name info: Vendor ID 0x10B9 = “ULi”.
  2. ACPI function bug fixed: According to ACPI spec., not just F segment, searching RSDP should include E segment also, EBDA area still not supported because I don’t think BIOS will use it.
  3. PCI function bug fixed: changing refresh timer from “Enabled” to “Disabled”, the manual refresh button does not available automatically.
  4. Add ACPI table decode support: WDRT (watchdog resource table).
  5. Add ACPIASLDecode switch in RW.INI to control ASL decode function.
  6. PCI function bug fixed: double click the BAR address to invoke memory function, the memory address saved for restart is incorrect.
  7. Improvement: save/restore the starting order of functions when program exit/restart.
  8. LPT remote access function bug fixed: only BSP CPU MSR function is supported.

v0.12 07/13/2005

  1. Fix: if RW.INI is readonly or write error, program will generate exception and cannot be terminated.
  2. Fix: LPT remote access fail if refresh set to enable on multi-function mode.
  3. Support Win627EHF/EHG Super IO chip.
  4. Support nVidia Chipset nForce2, nForce3 and MCP51 SMBus function.
  5. Support “Enter Config Key” command in IO index/data function, so that it can be used to access unknown super IO device.
  6. Support manual mode in super IO function, so that it can be used even super IO is not detected.
  7. Add search text function in ACPI dump function.
  8. Add VIA sourth bridge 8251 SMBus support.
  9. Fix: exception happen when try to load batch file in Command function if the file is not exist.
  10. Add status messages in the status bar.
  11. Add Super IO chip support: SMSC LPC47S42x, LPC47M15x/LPC47M192, LPC47B272, LPC47M10x/LPC47M112, LPC47M14x, LPC47M172, LPC47M182, SCH5017.
  12. Make improvement on Command Window function, add FPCI (Find PCI Device) and CMZ (Complement Zero) command.
  13. Add RW Website link in main menu, thanks for Andre Courchesne to provide and maintain the website.
  14. Add PCI vendor list in rw.ini, also make improvement on the access routines.
  15. Add USB information sub-function: enumerate all the host controllers, then report status and descriptors.
  16. PCI function new feature: double click on the BAR address will open the related Memory/IO space.
  17. Fix: ATA identify data displayed in wrong order: switch high-byte and low-byte.
  18. Rewrite CPU MSR function to support multiprocessor system.
  19. Add ITE IT8711F super IO support.
  20. Optimize ACPI sub-function to save runtime memory.
  21. Add “CPU” in “Command” function to select working CPU in case of multiprocessor system.
  22. Modify some look and feel icons.
  23. Add 64bit driver to support XP 64bit and Windows Server 2003 64Bit.
  24. Add SMBus entry in RW.INI to support ULi M1573 south bridge.

v0.11 02/15/2005

  1. Add SMART feature report in summary screen of ATA function.

v0.10 01/26/2005

  1. Add LPT Remote Access item into this help file.
  2. Add DDR2 support in SPD function.
  3. Provide bus clocks for Trp, Trrd… timing info in SPD function.
  4. Fix: ACPI table cannot be found on some systems. (RSDP cross the boundary)
  5. Fix: Decode AML to ASL function may hang on some systems. (User term list)
  6. Add ACPI OEMx table support in ACPI function.
  7. Add ACPI ECDT table support in ACPI function.
  8. Fix: Decode AML to ASL report error when “Divide” operator used but “Remainder” is not included.
  9. Support ACPI 2.0 RSDP structure.
  10. Fix: Decode AML to ASL hang if command “Acquire” or “Fatal” is included in definiation block.
  11. Combine DSDT table information with ASL code.
  12. Add ACPI MCFG, DBGP, SPCR table support in ACPI function.
  13. Scan and display all ACPI tables under RSDT even if it is unsupported.
  14. Support ACPI SSDT table.


  1. Modify CPU MSR register function, display more informations.
  2. Modify RW.INI to support ICH6 south bridge chipset.
  3. Modify RW.INI to support ATI SB400 south bridge chipset.


  1. Fix: Sometimes CPU MTRR physical memory variable range information get wrong report.
  2. Fix: Clock gen. counter always report zero. (After v0.05)
  3. Add LPT debug function.


  1. Support SiS965 SMBus (Add entry to RW.INI only).
  2. Add ATA/ATAPI Identify Data sub-function.
  3. Add delay to startup logo.


  1. Add PCI Express support.
  2. Modify startup logo (Win2000, WinXP only).
  3. Add summary screen in PCI funciton.
  4. Add summary screen in DIMM SPD function.
  5. Modify this help file.
  6. Update RW.INI to suppport ICH6.
  7. According to PCI 2.3 spectfication, update the [PCIClass] section of RW.INI file.


  1. Fix CPU MTRR physical memory variable range information error.
  2. Modify SMBus sub-function, inculde byte and block access mode.


  1. Add SMBus sub-function, access all address with read and write.


  1. Fix dis-AML function bug.


  1. Fix edit window will not update to hardware if user double click the mouse to enter edit mode.
  2. Remove the limitation of memory map method, now memory start address can be any where within 4GB.
  3. Fix the save function on the ACPI table dump sub-function.
  4. Modify RW.INI to support SiS964 and VIA8237 chipset (SMBus for DIMM SPD and Clock generator)
  5. Add dis-AML (AML to ASL) function on ACPI table dump sub-function, but not fully test.
  6. Make modification and correction on this help file.


  1. First release

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